Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Why Carry Cash When Credit Cards Are Convenient

No more carrying money

Carrying bulging wallets is a big problem nowadays – not only does it make your pockets look ugly, it is also inviting to thieves. The best way to go is to carry plastic money, which allows you to spend at your leisure, giving you the opportunity to keep track of what you bought, where you bought it and how much you paid. Now you don’t even have to go out, all you have to do is go online and shop. A large number of people are shopping online and paying online, it’s convenient and safe. Online malls are thronged with people, but there are no long lines or crowds in the malls. You can shop at your own pace; selecting items that interest you and once you are done shopping, you can easily head for the payment counter where you will be given several options to pay. There are no large lines here either, you make the payment promptly and you are ready to go. Life could never be better for those who live to shop.

Living on the net

Many of us spend several hours on the net. There are some who seldom come back into the real world; they are so engrossed with their cyber lives. They play, socialize, study, work and shop online. Shopping online gives you the chance to compare payment gateways on the website. The option to compare payment gateways helps you to pick one that suits you. Or you can easily talk to the companies that accept credit cards on cell phone or who accept credit cards with phone. Life has been made much easier now, no hassle to go out and shop carrying money, no hassle of carrying stuff home.

Online shopping, online payment

With the increase in online shopping, real money has become almost obsolete. Many people find it convenient to pay online. Let’s say you live in TX, you can compare the merchant services Texas and then choose which one you will be using to pay. The merchant services Texas will provide you several options that you can use and it is up to you which one suits your finances.

Don’t rush in

Since your finances are concerned don’t rush in. Before selecting the credit card processing service provider, you should do a little research and only select those options that suit you. You will find that there are so many credit card processing service companies offering great options, but don’t get confused. You can ask your friends about this or better still ask professionals in the field, who could probably guide you better.

A call away

Once you have selected the company you are using, you are ready to go. The best part of online payment is that many of the companies accept credit cards on cell phone. As for those who are using landline phones, there are companies that accept credit cards with phone as well. This has made life easier for everyone around.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What To Compare In Merchant Account Comparison?

It is a fact that nowadays, everyone is opening an online store to serve the customer at best. The best part is that technology has made it quite easy to make money by serving the target market with little effort. This is the basic reason, which is why opening an online account has become quite easy. If you are also interested in creating one then first of all, you will need a website developer to create a professional site layout for your brand. After this, you will need to hire a content developer. He will be the person, who will elaborate your services and offered products in a way that the visitors will get compelled to buy what you will be offering. Once this will be done then you will need a host and domain services to launch your site. Last but not the least requirement will be of hiring merchant services to get the facility of credit cards acceptance from the buyers.

Who are merchant service providers?

Now you must be thinking how merchant service providers assist the business owners in accepting credit cards. Here you need to understand the mechanism of merchant services. Merchant services offer an account, which is authorized to accept credit cards. Besides this, you will need to have a payment gateway, which will route all the payments from the buyer’s account to your bank account. In return, these service providers will charge a fee.  A large number of merchant service providers are available in the market but you must select the one, which is offering the best services. For this purpose, the right approach is to make merchant account comparison in detail to select the suitable one. Now the question can be what factors should be compared to find the best company. Some of the important factors are as follows:

Processing fee

Getting the services within budget is quite essential. You must be aware of the policies related to processing fee of the merchant service provider. Do you know that few of the merchant service providers update their processing fee on time to time basis? Thus, the recommended approach is to categorize quality service providers on the basis of your budget and their processing fee.

Customer care

Another factor to focus is that whether the companies are offering customer care facilities along with email support or not. You need to acknowledge this fact that if the services will not be offered then what you will need in hour of need. Whom you will contact? How you will resolve the issue? Thus, exclude the service providers from the list if they are not providing customer care around the clock.

Cancellation process

Last but not the least; you must hire the merchant service provider, which aims to ease your operations instead of creating complications. Thus, do focus on the cancellation process and the penalties you will have to pay in case of cancellation of service. It is true that everyone wants to stay with one service provider on long term basis but still knowing the cancellation process will make it convenient for you to decide.

Buy Now, Pay Later – So Convenient

Oh no, have to go shopping

Every year during the holidays, trips to the malls are the last thing you want to do. These trips lead to endless problems – from find a parking space at or near the mall, to walking through the crowded venue, to waiting in long lines at the counters to pay and then realizing you don’t have the required amount. The shopping trip is long and tiring, and by the time you come home you feel like collapsing and then not getting up for the rest of the day.

Making life easier

Technology has made life easier – now you can shop from the comfort of your home. Now you can shop online, without the hassle and fear of being mugged; no coming back home with a pile of shopping items. All you have to do is shop online and find a credit card processing service of your choice. You also have the option to compare payment gateways and see which ones accept credit cards on cell phone or accept credit cards with phone.

Safe way to pay

Credit card processing service companies are a safe way to make your payments. You will be getting your receipt at the end of the month and chances of losing money are minimal. Let’s say you live in Bayside TX, you will be looking for merchant services Texas. There will be a variety of options in merchant services Texas, but you will only select those that give you the best options and you don’t have to keep making trips to their offices.

Streamlined payment

The best companies are those that don’t require you to give them a list of credentials and put you through a lot of problems and accept credit cards on cell phone or accept credit cards with phone. This makes it quite advantageous for you to use this method to pay. This also gives you a paper trail that gives you security.

Gateways to happiness

Not only has online shopping made shopping easier for many who seldom manage to make time to shop, it has made life easier for those who fear getting mugged. Large number of people is getting more comfortable with this type of shopping and paying since it saves time for those who can’t manage to get out doing so physically. They say they can shop during lunch hour while they are at work, and don’t have to rush to and from malls. The lunch break may not be enough for the shopping that they want to do and they may have to take more time than is needed. Online shopping has many advantages to it mainly that you can compare payment gateways like PayPal,, Pay In Store or Google Checkout and select the one that suits you. At times there is the option of pay on delivery, but most find it convenient to pay online as this means that they don’t have to pay right then but still purchase what they want.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Hiring Services to Accept Credit Cards via Phone

With the passage of time, buying preferences evolved with greater speed. Years back, the buyers only focus on the quality and price of the commodities but now many other factors are added into their consideration. One of them is convenience.  These days, people prefer to buy only those products and services, for which they can pay instantly by using their credit cards. Thus, you can say that to have a business, which is capable to accept credit cards on cell phone has become an immensely important to facilitate the prospects at best. Now the question is how you can avail this facility to serve your potential customers. Are you thinking the same? If yes then no need to worry, as now many merchant service providers are offering this technology based service with the help of which you can process your payments via phone. If you also want to avail this facility then follow the below-mentioned steps to make sure the credit cards acceptance via using your phone:

Select the right merchant service provider

To get this facility, first of all you will need to hire the services of any merchant service provider, which can allow you to accept credit cards on cell phone. Keep in mind that only merchant service providers will process the entire payments on your behalf and in return, will charge a percentage from you against every payment they will process. You just have to access virtual payment gateway to provide your customer’s credit card details, and your hired merchant service provider will verify the given information to process the payment. The best part is that you will get the payment in your bank account within 48 hours.

Get the right information about phone acceptability

If you are about to hire the services of merchant service provider, then do get the complete information about the phone they accept. Usually, iPhone, Palm PDAs, and Blackberry handsets are acceptable to merchant service providers. However, the best is to get the information in prior to avoid any hassle, later on. One thing more to consider while buying the accepted phone set that it should have enough memory space to bear all the downloads you will make for your business progress and customer ease.

Get the data package to enjoy services economically

Here you need to understand that you will surely need a data package on your phone to access the virtual payment gateway via your phone. Thus, if you want to enjoy the services economically, the best is to call your network operator and inquire it about your current data package plan and the availability of any other more economical data package plan. With this approach, you will minimize the cost of your business to enjoy more returns.

Merchant services – The need of hour

Your profits will increase when you will facilitate the customers. In nutshell, you can say that to hire the merchant service providers has become the need of the hour, as without them, it will become difficult for you to facilitate your customers at your best.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why Your Business Should Have An ATM On Site

If you have a business with a storefront, having an ATM on site can provide a range of benefits for you and your customers. There are many great reasons you should consider adding an automated teller machine to your business location:

• Make more sales-Here’s an interesting fact: customers who use an ATM spend 30% of the money they withdraw from the ATM at the merchant’s business. In other words, by having an ATM in your store, you’re going to make more sales. When people come in to use your ATM, they’ll often end up making a purchase with a portion of the cash that they pull out. And when you consider that hundreds of millions of Americans have debit cards and credit cards that offer cash advance features, the potential for attracting new business is absolutely huge!

• Add value to the customer experience-As a business, one of your primary goals should be to make life easier for your customers. The more value you can deliver, the better. That’s one of the great things about adding an ATM to your location. It provides your customers with value. The convenience of an on-site ATM makes your business a little more valuable in the eyes of customers.

• Boost foot traffic-ATMs attract customers. It’s really that simple. People often find themselves in situations where they need an ATM. Having one in your store can be a great way to gain a competitive edge for your business. There are countless case studies that show having an ATM increases foot traffic and business for merchants. For example, convenient stores that install ATMs often see increases in sales of over 8% per month. Talk about an investment that pays off!

• Keeps customers in your store-If your customers need to get cash, you don’t want them to have to leave the store to do so. They might not come back. By having an ATM in your business or location, you keep customers in your store.

• Create a new source of revenue-Finding new sources of revenue for your business isn’t always easy. One good way to create another revenue stream is by adding an ATM to your storefront. You know those pesky service fees that ATMs charge whenever you pull out money? As a merchant with your own ATM, you’ll be the one profiting off those surcharges. These service fees coupled with the increase in foot traffic can add up to significant revenue for your business.

When you consider all of the benefits that your business can enjoy, adding an ATM just makes sense. And ATMs can be a great fit for all types of businesses, including:

• Convenient stores
• Retail stores
• Restaurants
• Bars
• Office buildings
• And more…

Get an ATM for Your Business
Thinking about adding an ATM at your business location so you can start enjoying the benefits? Rafter J Merchant Services can help you get set up with an ATM at your location. Visit for more information.