Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Why Carry Cash When Credit Cards Are Convenient

No more carrying money

Carrying bulging wallets is a big problem nowadays – not only does it make your pockets look ugly, it is also inviting to thieves. The best way to go is to carry plastic money, which allows you to spend at your leisure, giving you the opportunity to keep track of what you bought, where you bought it and how much you paid. Now you don’t even have to go out, all you have to do is go online and shop. A large number of people are shopping online and paying online, it’s convenient and safe. Online malls are thronged with people, but there are no long lines or crowds in the malls. You can shop at your own pace; selecting items that interest you and once you are done shopping, you can easily head for the payment counter where you will be given several options to pay. There are no large lines here either, you make the payment promptly and you are ready to go. Life could never be better for those who live to shop.

Living on the net

Many of us spend several hours on the net. There are some who seldom come back into the real world; they are so engrossed with their cyber lives. They play, socialize, study, work and shop online. Shopping online gives you the chance to compare payment gateways on the website. The option to compare payment gateways helps you to pick one that suits you. Or you can easily talk to the companies that accept credit cards on cell phone or who accept credit cards with phone. Life has been made much easier now, no hassle to go out and shop carrying money, no hassle of carrying stuff home.

Online shopping, online payment

With the increase in online shopping, real money has become almost obsolete. Many people find it convenient to pay online. Let’s say you live in TX, you can compare the merchant services Texas and then choose which one you will be using to pay. The merchant services Texas will provide you several options that you can use and it is up to you which one suits your finances.

Don’t rush in

Since your finances are concerned don’t rush in. Before selecting the credit card processing service provider, you should do a little research and only select those options that suit you. You will find that there are so many credit card processing service companies offering great options, but don’t get confused. You can ask your friends about this or better still ask professionals in the field, who could probably guide you better.

A call away

Once you have selected the company you are using, you are ready to go. The best part of online payment is that many of the companies accept credit cards on cell phone. As for those who are using landline phones, there are companies that accept credit cards with phone as well. This has made life easier for everyone around.


  1. The reason is simple, carrying credit card makes you feel secure and comfortable. You can keep it anywhere, it is just like nothing, no one can even guess where it is. Whereas cash is insecure because it can invite thoeves, you can be looted or pick pocketed.
    Avoid carrying cash

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